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Hebah’s Spacious & Peaceful Studio

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Type: Cozy Studio
Neighborhood: Midtown, NY
Highlight Amenity: Hebah’s apartment building, Waterside Plaza, offers residents an on sight swim and health club. Not many city livers can walk down stairs to a full sized heated pool and saunas.
Unique Feature: Find inspiring quotes and messages stenciled on the walls to help you get in touch with your sensitive side.
Blink And You’ll Miss It: Venture to the rooftop garden, for more than 6 acres of landscaped bliss.
Neighborhood Gem: Living along the East River may entice you to join the active cycling community. Get all decked out with the best gear from Sid’s Bike Shop, the City’s largest bike shop and know one will know that you’re a rookie.
Flip Tip: The East River is a great place to find peace and tranquility in the city, away from all the noises.

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Bahar’s Pimped Out Studio

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Type: Luxury Studio
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, NY
Highlight Amenity: An in unit washer and dryer means you can stop making those dreaded weekly trips to the basement.
Unique Feature: If you’re worried about storage space in a one bedroom apartment, fear no more. This apartment boasts 3 closets, so you will never run out of room to store your treasured items.
Blink And You’ll Miss It: The stainless steel sink even has a garbage disposal. Doing the dishes just got that much easier.
Neighborhood Gem: Right across the street from the apartment, City Point is opening soon and will feature a Trader Joe’s and a movie theater.
Flip Tip: The Brooklyn community rivals Manhattan with its distinctive spirit, and if you miss the other side of the river, Bahar’s apartment is near all subway lines.

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Eric’s Spacious and Sunny Master Bedroom

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Type: Master Bedroom
Neighborhood: Hoboken, NJ
Highlight Amenity: Lucky for you, the expansive master bedroom features a private bathroom, too. Not having to wait for your roommate to finish their business is always a win.
Unique Feature: The apartment comes with a clean and quiet guy who (bonus) works in college sports.
Blink And You’ll Miss It: The apartment’s walk-through kitchen means there can never be too many cooks in this kitchen.
Neighborhood Gem: Hoboken is a young, prosperous and bustling city that feels like Manhattan’s 6th Borough. And a major plus is that it is condensed into 1 square mile, so you can walk almost anywhere.
Flip Tip: The community has a 24-hour concierge service, so be prepared to be waited on hand and foot.

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Tracy’s Quirky “Village”

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Type: 2 wing apartment (we didn’t know what that meant either)
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village, NY
Highlight Amenity: The apartment has its own private and grassy backyard. Okay it might be astroturf, but the backyard is still a welcome escape from the madness of the city.
Unique Feature: Even though the apartment building doesn’t have any elevators, Tracy’s spot is on the first floor. Yay, no stairs!
Blink And You’ll Miss It: Their is ample hidden space in the apartment, with three storage nooks tucked into the high ceilings.
Neighborhood Gem: If you’re in the need for a good laugh, New York’s iconic Comedy Cellar is just across the street. And they even offer classes, for those of you that need to brush up on your jokes.
Flip Tip: You have to shimmy the sink in the bathroom, but don’t worry it only takes a little shake and the flow is strong (lol. Her words not ours).

Interested? Check out this Flip listing, here.

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