This Week In Flexibility

Our secret to success is being flexible about your methods, but stubborn about your goals. While you were recovering from the first long weekend of summer we caught up with the latest news in flexible living.

Flexible Packaging

The flexible packaging market is projected to grow more than $25 billion USD by 2021. SO basically even consumer goods are getting flexible.

The explosion of flexible packaging means you are going to be seeing fewer cans and cardboard boxes and a lot more plastic standup and sealable bags. Changing lifestyles (looking at you, #nomads) and the growing consumption of ready-to-eat meals drive this transition. Not only does flexible packaging make consumption convenient, but it is high quality, low cost and boasts excellent barrier properties. This means your packaged food and drinks will be safer to eat and last longer.

Flexible Loans


Receiving a loan in one business day may sound impossible, but Square Capital is challenging that presumption and transititioning to a full-blown flexible loan program. The company’s goal is to businesses grow quickly, so it eliminated lengthy application processes and cumbersome paperwork so you can get funds with in one day. Although the cost and interest of the loan are fixed rates (this is a good thing), repayment of the loan is flexible. This means funding your business through Square Capital is now simpler, faster, and more transparent than ever.

Flexible Surfing


Just launched: a revolutionary surfboard that gives you the best of both worlds: speed and maneuverability. Moda’s flexible board technology enhances the surfing experience for both beginners and experts. Manufacturers discovered that flexible boards, which are modeled after the flex in snowboards, augment performance, and also make the boards more user-friendly. The technology gives surfing an entirely new feel and makes it seem like you are snowboarding the wave. The only thing that is missing is the fresh powder. Whether you’re a novice or experienced surfer, these flexible surf boards will have you saying “gnarly dude”.

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