This Week in Flexibility

Our secret to success is being flexible about your methods, but stubborn about your goals. While you were making last minute preparations for your summer solstice party, we caught up with the latest news in flexible living.

Micro apartments are about to be the next “it” trend

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Are you eager to jump into flexible living trend by swapping your spacious studios for micro apartments? Well you are in luck. New York’s first micro apartment, Carmel Place, welcomed residents June 1st. The building boasts 55 studio apartments range in size from 250 to 370 square feet, with 9-to-10 foot ceilings and Juliette balconies. To put this into perspective, grab two friends and have the three of you lay on the floor head-to-toe in one long straight line. That’s about the length of one side of a 250-square-foot apartment. In order to compensate for miniature apartments, normal amenities, like kitchens, lounges, and storage are located in common spaces. And BONUS amenities, like Ollie (all inclusive/ hotel services), a sky terrace, and an entertainment center, put micro living over the edge.

A rubbery tube that produces energy when bent…WHAT?!

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Let’s be real. No one wants to see that annoying low battery message pop-up on their phone. We all live in fear of a low battery.

So Zhong Wang’s latest invention, a flexible, rubbery tube which produces energy when it is bent, pressed or rubbed is pretty revolutionary. Technically it is called a nanogenerator and harnesses the static electricity created from movement and turns it into usable energy. If you wear the device around your foot, a few steps and you have generated enough juice to power 80 lightbulbs!

This means not only can you repower your phone, but the technology could make a big impact and be used to power prosthetics and pacemakers.

Shared living startup goes national

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Moving to another home with just 24 hours notice might be the epitome of flexible living. But can you think of any company that would let you do that? Well, Common, the shared-living community which launched in New York in 2015, honors that notion and is expanding nationally. The startup just secured $16 million in venture capital investments and is spreading its love for communal, affordable living to San Francisco and D.C.. With Common’s growth, now people across the U.S. can love the journey of life, embrace adventure, and get flexible.

Video games go flex

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Did you ever think that Toy Story would become reality? Well in 2014 Nintendo jumped on the “toys-to-life” bandwagon and launched Amiibo. Amiibo are figurines that interact with video games and come to life. Now Nintendo is jumping on the flexible living bandwagon and releasing the first flexible amiibo. Guardian, from The Legend of Zelda, will be the only amiibo with moving parts and this feature is sure to send gamers overboard. In case you were wondering, The Legend of Zelda is this generation’s version of Mario Cart, so this is kind of a big deal.

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