This Week In Flexibility

Our secret to success is being flexible about your methods, but stubborn about your goals. So don’t spend the week bogged down by the same old rigid and boring habits and adopt a transient lifestyle. These tips and tricks will help you bend and not break.

Flexible Living

Calling all travelers, transitioners, and temps: trade your lonely and expensive apartment for “togetherness.” Co-living spaces, like Podshare, make it easier and cheaper to lead a nomadic life. These co-living spaces require no security deposit, no furnishing costs, and are incredibly flexible. Just book your location, show up at your new home, and embrace communal living. Although there is little privacy (you might want to invest in a curtain), you get wifi, free food, and toiletries (gasp), for as little as $40.

Flexible Moving


The Urban Nomad sofa is here to help you forget the days of struggling to fit bulky furniture through the doorframe. To make moving easier, Hannabi created this lightweight sofa which splits into four parts and can serve as a bed, sofa, or multiple seating mats. Even better, the sofa has no fixtures or legs so it can easily be rearranged and is designed to withstand frequent use. Why not invest in furniture which can flexibly serve your needs at various stages of life.

Flexible Working

Can’t stand your suffocating cubicle? Talk to your employer and get a flexible work-space like Perkins+Will. The company embraced the “coffee shop” vibe and created an open office space where employees can trade desks and flip seating configurations. You might ask: how can one big game of musical chairs be an effective work environment? Well a mobility study by the company, reveals that a wall-less setting can enhance worker productivity.

Flexible Teching

Did you ever think you would see bendable electronics? Well think again, tech companies are shocking consumers with bendable batteries. These revolutionary inventions could mean that soon your iPhone will be flexible too. That’s right these phones will take the iWatch to an entirely new level and are designed to be rolled into a bracelet. The touch screens will work when curled around the wrist and when flattened like a normal smartphone. Get excited for the “iFlex.”

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